EyeVisualEyez offers a wide variety of design services apart from what you see listed below. Please contact us if there are any projects that you feel we may not have highlighted. In addition, we also offer printing, graphic design, web video production, domain name purchasing, and website hosting for your project(s).


Web Design

Websites have come a long way from when they were first introduced and are continually evolving and changing the way we do business. Today a website has a huge impact on the first impression of your core audience. Most of the time it is the first interaction someone will have with you or your company, so it is extremely important that your website not only looks cutting edge but at the same time functions properly.

The Internet is the number one place people go to make their decisions on which products to buy, which services to use, and who to consult with for advice in any matter. When a visitor lands on your website first, out of all of your competitors out there, your website needs to fulfill their search needs and obviously show them the action you want them to do next (we call that your “call to action”). In addition, your website needs to be designed to stay consistent with your brand and represent your business in a professional matter.

If you’re not making the most of your website presence, you should be. We can help!

  • Standard HTML Web Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Hosting


Social Media Marketing

Social media has steadily become more relevant as an outlet for marketing. These interactive marketing platforms provide access to a wide network of users and is an effective means of branding, sales, customer service, client satisfaction and even helps with SEO campaigns. EyeVisuaEyez can help your business take an active part in the online conversation.

EyeVisualEyez will assist you in determining what communities are right for your business, help you set them up, and keep them socializing. Once your communities are active and reach their desired potential, the reins can be handed off to you to take over, be trained on how to take over, or together, we can maintain your communities and approach for you on a monthly, on-going basis.

With social media marketing being everywhere you look on the web these days, every business, musician, and person should have a Facebook page to help promote their products/services, music, or even themselves. With the new improvements to Facebook and developing Facebook Iframe Apps, EyeVisualEyez now has the capabilities to provide custom Facebook fan pages via Facebook tabs.  EyeVisualEyez can help you setup a page for your business and assist you in growing your fan base. As your page evolves into a sustainable community, we will work with you to customize your page with promotions, photos, blogs, discussions, videos, wall posts, customer reviews and much more!

No longer just a forum for funny pet tricks or music fans, YouTube is the latest and greatest social media and SEO tool for your business. Now one of the top search engines available today, YouTube gives you an opportunity to market your business to anyone at nearly no cost.  More and more, people prefer to learn by watching. Help your target audience get to know you by letting them see and hear you. Video helps to create an immediate bond with your customers that they can’t get by reading alone.

Since Twitter has become the newest overnight sensation in the web world, everyone wants to have the coolest Twitter page, and that means having a creative Twitter theme design. If you’re tired of the boring standard twitter background and can’t quite get your sidebar looking crisp, then it’s time for an upgrade. Custom Twitter theme design is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a business, musician, or even just for your own personal use. Having a Twitter background that is different from other pages will allow you to stand out against other Twitter users and will also show that you are an active Twitter user.

There are a number of other social networks that are applicable here.  We can help you determine which social networks are right for you and your business strategy.

If you are not a part of the online conversation, you should be. We can help!

  • Account Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Blogging
  • Reputation Management
  • Custom Designed Layouts/Templates


Internet Consulting

Much of the time, a business creates a Facebook fan page, starts blogging, whips together a website, or posts a video of someone from the office and waits for fans, views, comments, followers, and all kinds of new business to start rolling in the door. The problem is, with no strategy behind your internet marketing plan, all the fans, views, comments, and followers won’t get you closer to success. EyeVisualEyez helps clients by creating customized marketing strategies for both online and offline branding and business development.

We develop our plans with the modern business in mind and our strategies cover traditional marketing streams, and on the internet and social space. Whether you need some great ideas and a little direction or a full plan to enter a more modern phase of your business including web design, where you can sell your products online (e-commerce), and determining the best social platforms for your company to engage in, our strategies focus not just on ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ but how to move your entire business forward.

Is there a method to your madness? Do you have a strategy? We can help!

  • Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • QR Codes
  • Online Commerce
  • Branding and Continuity