What is the goal of social media? Or is it a result?

I took a few minutes to read an article published by eMarketer about social media.  The interview was with Jason Falls, CEO of Social Media Explorer, and the title of the blog post was “Engagement is not a goal, it’s a result“.  In the interview, Jason made some really good points about people’s (meaning individuals or business’) perception of the “purpose” of social media.

Some good points he made, and I quote…

It’s become apparent to me that many companies are looking at engagement as a goal. So they manufacture lists of posts to hopefully get more likes and shares so they can produce metrics of more likes and shares for their bosses or clients. Their goal is to drive more metrics, which they look at collectively and call “engagement.”

They think it’s something they have to force, but engagement is not a goal, it’s a result. It happens organically. The goal should be to produce content that is so good that people have to talk about it. When your goal is to share an idea or share content or elicit some reaction, engagement is going to happen naturally.

I think most of us (including myself) are guilty of this at times.  Our goal being to get all these likes for our Facebook pages, and all these followers of our tweets and blogs.  However, in reality, we need them to do more than “like” or “follow”.  We need them to take action.  Our content needs to “result” in them talking about it, commenting, buying, sharing, etc.  Excellent point by Jason!

He went on to say something else, and again, I quote…

I went through 25 or so posts to see content from these brands. The Cliffs Notes version was “me me me me me me me me me.” These are the companies that supposedly get it. They all talk about themselves. I don’t know about you, but when someone walks into the room and starts a conversation by talking about themselves, they turn me off. If you’re going to post nothing but ad copy and coupons and deals and stuff like that, I’m going to get bored with you really quick.

We’ve all seen this.  Ads, buy, me, me, me.  It’s easy to get caught up in to it, and do it yourself.  I went to a marketing seminar about 6 weeks ago, and the person hosting the seminar talked about various things that can be hot buttons in posts, tweets, etc.  Kids and dogs (or animals in general).  Pretty simple.  The point in all of this is that me, me, me will not produce the results (or the engagement) you are looking for.  You need to think outside the box.  It needs to have variety.  Sure you are promoting a brand, a product, or a service.  Yet, it’s called social media for a reason.  To be social.

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